SEO Friendly Site Structure

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Your site’s content is at the heart of what your site will rank for, and to a strong degree how well it will rank. Simply put, you need lots of it. I mean tons. Building authority takes more than a page or two, it takes a page or two or ten on every sub-topic of every category of a big idea or kind of product.

OK…once that’s done, now what? You built it, now will they come?

They will come only if you’ve structured your information in a way that’s easy for visitors to navigate, and for search engines to understand. You will see the traffic you desire only if your content complements your overall goals, your reputation feeds itself from top to bottom, and you’ve got good structure. Read more about SEO

The Decision-Making Funnel


In “Landing Pages and the Decision-Making Process,” I described the well-known AIDA conversion funnel and how it governs all Web conversions.

The key AIDA stages are:

* Awareness
* Interest
* Desire
* Action

Desire and action aren’t really distinct stages, but rather a continuing give-and-take. Increasing desire pulls us to take successively larger steps toward the ultimate conversion goal.  Read more about Web conversions

Link Building from A to Z


Although you can easily find lists with 21, 66, 69, 75, 101 or even 131 link building strategies, numbered (link building) tip lists remain very popular. Not because these articles provide shocking new insights – most of the aforementioned mentioned lists mention pretty much the same tactics – but because they remind people of how work intensive the ongoing process of link building can be, and because they make people think due to their in-depth nature. “How can I use these tactics for our website?” “Which of the listed tactics are relevant for our company?” Or, even better, “What strategies would I have added to this list?”

This list, hopefully, makes you think about your current strategy, and reminds you that you can (and have to) link build your az off continuously. Read more about link building

Don’t Ignore Your Sitemap


Many sites I visit and review have underutilized sitemap pages. It’s really a shame because these workhorse pages get so little credit, and so little attention, but they can be so important for SEO and the user experience you offer.

The techniques I’m about to describe may sound a bit advanced, but I know you can do it. Because every SEO does things their own way, there may be variations on this theme that others use, and that’s fine.  Read more about sitemaps