Dear Entrepreneur:

I created created High Concept Media, LLC, to pursue one main goal— getting the greatest returns for business professionals just like you. If you succeed, I succeed.

I launched my company as a marketing consultancy in December 2008 and, since then,  I’ve been helping Internet-savvy businesses flourish on the Web by providing critical Internet marketing services such as copywriting, SEO, affiliate marketing, and Web design.


My client list includes Neighborhood Renaissance, a nonprofit community development corporation; Ryan and Schwarz LLP, a New York law firm; and Portable Shopper, LLC, a new media company that publishes and

Marketing Services

In today’s fiercely competitive marketplace, I help companies generate leads and close sales by implementing the most sophisticated form of target marketing. I pinpoint the demographic profile that is key to their product or service. I precisely tailor the Web language needed to draw in the market. And I place their message in the target area of the Web that pulls in the most prospects.

I also eliminate the waste inherent in print media by using the targeting potential of the Web to build a profitable presence for companies. I customize Websites and marketing campaigns to reach the right audience. With that kind of efficiency, the results are preordained. Learn more about my Internet marketing services


Glenn Bossik
High Concept Media, LLC