Dear Entrepreneur:

I can help your business profit during these very challenging economic times. I’ll help you create an effective marketing message, one with the clarity and power needed to turn prospects into customers.


I have a background in many industries, including financial services, publishing and non-profits. I help companies achieve a global presence. After all, the Internet is global, and the global market is huge.

Specialty Web Techniques

I employ all the tools of the Web to build a global customer base:

Copywriting: Use the power of Web-oriented ad copy to build your customer base. Give your pitch the immediacy of the Internet. Learn more about my copywriting services

Affiliate Marketing: Build a virtual sales force that works only on commission. Start generating affiliate marketing revenue

Search Engine Marketing: Use the Web version of target marketing. Build your business with the two main components of search engine marketing: pay-per-click advertising and search engine optimization (SEO). Learn more about my pay-per-click and SEO services…

Video Production: Do you need a corporate video or a commercial? High Concept Media can write, shoot, edit, and provide sound mixing and color correction services for you. Learn more

Web Design: What your Web site looks like can determine whether it succeeds or fails. Make certain your Website is professionally designed. Learn more about my Web design services…

Glenn Bossik
High Concept Media, LLC