Creating WordPress Themes


I’m going to pretend that my (three year old!) tutorial on creating WordPress themes doesn’t exist anymore. As I mentioned in the intro to this series, a lot of it still holds true, but enough has changed that it’s probably better to just start from scratch. And so I am. First, you should know a few things that will be indispensable. One such thing is the WordPress Codex – almost everything you need to know is in this bible for WordPress. It’s always the first place I look when I have a question on anything, and 8 times out of 10, I find the answer within it’s pages. Read more about WordPress theme development…

Build Your Own WordPress Themes the Easy Way


WordPress is by far one of the most favored blogging tools, and WordPress themes are certainly popular. A custom theme is a handy service to sell to a client, while creating your own theme for your blog is a fantastic way to let your personality and skills shine through — much more so than downloading some run-of-the-mill theme already being used by five hundred other blogs.

Creating an entirely new theme from scratch is complex and time-consuming — explaining how to write your own is a job too large for one little blog post! Fortunately, WordPress’s parent and child theme feature is a fast and easy way to start using themes. Simply grab a parent theme framework that suits your needs, add a child theme with your own CSS and tweaks, and you’ll be on your way to theme domination. Read more about building WordPress themes