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First Look: Object Oriented CSS


In October, I’ll speak at Web Directions South 2009 in Sydney about CSS Frameworks. One of the main questions I will answer in my talk is whether or not you should use a CSS Framework in any given project. Since the alternative is writing your own CSS styles from scratch, I’m researching some of the latest thinking on hand-coded CSS.

One prominent voice in this arena is Nicole Sullivan, who has developed a methodology called Object Oriented CSS (OOCSS). She outlined this approach to writing CSS at Web Directions North 2009, and the 48-minute video is available.

Sullivan is a talented and engaging presenter, but I found the video a lot to take in all at once. Since watching it, I have applied the principles of OOCSS to an internal project here at SitePoint, and I feel like I have a better grasp on what it’s all about.
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