Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Plans and Samples

Choose the affiliate marketing plan that meets your current needs.

1.    Affiliate Recruiting
I recruit affiliates by phone, email, and ad campaigns. Your affiliates can then drive large amounts of quality traffic to your Website, generating revenue for your company.

2.    Affiliate Management
I implement an aggressive affiliate management program, creating contests, instructive email newsletters, and message boards to motivate and retain quality affiliates.

3.    Affiliate Creatives
Every affiliate needs the right tools to succeed. That’s why I create compelling banner ads and email creatives for affiliates. View my landing page samples and banner ad samples.

4.    Complete Affiliate Program Management
I can manage your entire affiliate program. Rely on me for affiliate recruiting, management, and ad creatives.

Increase your revenue without the risk. Pay only for sales or leads. Start your own affiliate program.  I can help.

I know how to get top-performing affiliates. My recruiting and retention strategy is designed to give you access to super affiliates, the cream of the crop in Internet marketing. I’ve created a process that gets results.

The Process:

Structure the Affiliate Program

I conduct market research to determine which affiliates to recruit. Then I choose recruiting methods and a commission structure. Afterwards, I create an affiliate agreement, an affiliate approval process, a fraud screening process, and an affiliate payout schedule.

Create Affiliate Tools

Next, I design cutting-edge banner ads, email creatives, written content, syndication feeds, and training guides. These are the sales tools that your affiliates need to succeed.

Motivate the Affiliates

I can motivate affiliates to run offers regularly. I use affiliate contests, message boards, and custom-made promotional tools that get results. Affiliate contests provide incentives in the form of giveaways. Message boards enable me to communicate with affiliates, answering their questions and helping them achieve success. And supplying custom-made ad creatives and content is a way to provide powerful support.

Businesses benefit from affiliate marketing because they pay only for performance. They also benefit by using affiliates as a virtual sales force that can be continuously expanded.


Glenn Bossik
High Concept Media, LLC