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Experiment with Social Marketing Fire


First, social / experiential marketing doubters must be given the chance to appreciate how the Web is radically shifting power away from them and toward customers.  As a result, customers actively ignore and distrust advertising… and the marketers that push it.

Think about it — how many times do we hear about the latest trend in advertising which involves disguising ads to look less like ads?  In fact many believe that’s what social technologies should be used for (they call this aimless tactic that insults customers’ intelligence “branded entertainment”).

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Affiliate Marketing News

How To Succeed as an Adult Webmaster

You’ve created a great adult Web site. You’ve got some quality picture content and possibly streaming video content. You also have an adult store that is supplied through an affiliate marketing program. But, you’re not sure how to build quality traffic and the revenue that comes with it. Don’t worry. You can succeed.

To do so, you must utilize three basic promotional techniques:

1. Branding
2. Journalism
3. Public Relations

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