Search Engine Marketing


Use the power of search engine optimization (SEO) to reach new customers and reduce your advertising overhead.  SEO is the art and science of optimizing a Website to obtain a large, far-reaching Internet presence.

I can weave SEO elements into the design and content of your Website, making it possible for customers to find your site easily and more often.  How can I do this? I use a time-tested process for optimizing Websites.

The Process:

Build Keyword Lists

First, I conduct extensive research to determine which keywords will generate leads or sales for your site. I then compile those keywords in a categorized list.

Optimize the Site and Obtain Incoming Links

Next, I integrate the keywords from my list into the navigation structure, internal links, and ad copy on your site.  This provides the search engines with a clear guide for indexing your site. I also use incoming links from related online directories and Websites. These links can boost your site ranking in the search engines, enabling Web surfers to find your site under highly trafficked keywords.

Measure Results

Afterwards, I measure the results of the SEO campaign, analyzing your page rank and site traffic for various keywords and making the necessary adjustments to achieve success.

Implementing an SEO campaign for your site has multiple benefits. It improves communication with your site visitors, extends the reach of your business, and enhances your public relations efforts.

SEO Plans

SEO Combo Package: Successful search engine optimization is a combination of on-site and off-site SEO. That’s why I offer only one plan for this service. I want to ensure that you get great results. For on-site SEO, I write SEO ad copy and refine your site’s navigation structure, internal links, and META tags.

For off-site SEO, I do link exchanges, directory submissions, search engine submissions, and social network postings.


Glenn Bossik
High Concept Media, LLC

Search Engine Marketing

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Use pay-per-click advertising to reach people who want your products. It’s a targeted, cost-effective way to acquire new customers.  You only pay for clicks, not impressions. This means that you pay only for interested prospects.

As the founder of High Concept Media, I know how to run successful pay-per-click campaigns. I keep ad costs low and return on investment high by using exceptional writing, testing, bidding, and campaign management strategies. My process is efficient and effective.

The Process:

Create a Keyword List and Ads

First, I conduct market research to determine which keywords are used by customers to find your product or service. Then I compile those keywords on a list and break the list down into ad groups, or categories.  Afterwards, I write text ads for each ad group.

Set Up Account and Launch Campaign

When your marketing materials are ready, I can set up your account with top-tier ad networks. This involves submitting your payment information, keyword list, ad groups, text ads, geographic targeting, and bids to each network.

Optimize Campaign

As a marketing professional, I believe in ongoing improvement. That’s why I continually optimize pay-per-click campaigns, adjusting bids, ad copy, and landing page layouts. The world is always changing. I do too.

The primary benefit of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is that it’s measurable. An advertiser can determine his PPC campaign’s return on investment and cost at a moment’s notice. There’s no guesswork. It’s no-waste advertising.

Pay-Per-Click Plans

Choose the pay-per-click plan that matches your goals.

1.    Basic Pay Per Click
If you’d like to see if pay-per-click advertising is right for your business, then the basic plan is a great start. It enables you to choose Google AdWords or Yahoo Search Marketing and includes account setup, a keyword list, text ads, bid management, keyword optimization, conversion tracking, landing page recommendations, and reports.

2.    Intermediate Pay Per Click
When you’re ready to take search engine marketing to the next level, it’s time for the intermediate plan. This aggressive ad package enables you to deploy ads on two top-tier networks: Google AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing. Also included are account setup, a keyword list, text ads, bid management, keyword optimization, conversion tracking, landing page recommendations, and reports

3.    Advanced Pay Per Click
To put your advertising efforts into high gear, sign up for the advanced pay-per-click plan. This cutting-edge marketing package helps you deploy ads on three top-tier networks: Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing, and Microsoft adCenter.  I’ll even design two versions of your landing page and conduct split tests to determine what yields the best results. Included in the advanced plan are account setup, a keyword list, text ads, bid management, keyword optimization, conversion tracking, and detailed reports.


Glenn Bossik
High Concept Media, LLC