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Web Design

Web Design Plans and Samples

Every business has a goal. Some companies need a Website for selling products; others, for generating leads or publishing news. Choose the Web design plan that matches your business goal.

1.    Landing Page
If you need to launch an ad campaign or promote an affiliate offer, an aggressive landing page is required. Tell me if you need leads or sales. Then show me your product or service. I’ll create a landing page that gets results. View my landing page samples

2.    Basic Promotional Site
Are you starting a consultancy, law firm, medical practice, or other small business? Your customers will need a way to find you on the Internet. A basic promotional site can list your contact information, describe your professional background, and even supply driving directions to your office.

3.    Advanced Promotional Site
Would you like to promote your business and publish important news articles? Then an advanced promotional site is just what you need. This site plan combines brochure-style elements with news publishing capabilities. View my advanced promotional Web sites

4.    Basic Blog
Would you like to write articles showing that you’re an expert in your profession? Are you thinking of starting a blog but are unsure how to do it? I can help. I can set up a blogging system and a design for you.

5.    Advanced News Site
Consumers and businesses now read more news articles online than in print magazines or newspapers. So the time is right to start your own news site.  I can design an expandable online magazine for you that can serve as a source of ad revenue.

6.    Basic E-commerce Site
Have you written a novel or how-to book? Are you tired of trying to get a book publisher to read it? Then it’s time to skip the middleman and sell it yourself. I can create a site that enables you to sell your book as a digital or physical product.

7.    Advanced E-commerce Site
If you’ve shopped at online bookstores and video rental sites, you understand the appeal of
e-commerce. Internet storefronts offer consumers a fast, convenient way to purchase just about anything from home.  You don’t have to be to start an online store. I can start it for you.


A well-designed Website will increase your sales revenue. Use the site to showcase your products and services.

The design and structure of your site persuade customers to do business with you.  Among the most important elements of high-quality Web design are navigability, speed, and visual appeal. I use these elements in my proven design process. In fact, my design ideas were quoted in an article by

The Process:


First, I create a site design plan. I analyze your goals, proposed content, and desired audience. I use these factors to plan the layout, color palette, organizational structure, and functionality of your site.


Next, I build a site that’s user-friendly, optimized for search engines, and manageable for business owners.  How? I design lightweight graphics, uncluttered Web pages, and clear navigation systems. I also provide an easy-to-use content management system that will help you update your own site. After all, it’s your site, and you should have complete control over it.


Lastly, I measure the success of your site. After completing and launching your new Website, I’ll provide you with a report assessing the impact your site is having on the public.

The number one benefit of having a professionally designed Website is that it can help your business establish trust and credibility. People are much more likely to do business with a company whose site loads quickly, is easy to navigate, and presents information in a visually appealing and accessible way.


Glenn Bossik
High Concept Media, LLC