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Leveraging the Power of Pay-Per-Click

If you own an online store or subscription site, you probably run pay-per-click ad campaigns. Whether you use Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing, or another PPC network, it’s an everyday battle to get a positive return on investment in such a tight economy.

In order to avoid bidding wars and reach interested consumers, you must boost the relevance of your ads and landing pages. How can you do so? Solve a problem for consumers.

I’m sure you’re asking yourself how a Web site can solve a problem. Well, psychologically, the average consumer moves toward pleasure as a way to avoid pain. These days, the number one source of pain involves either fear of losing a job or fear of not being able to get another one.

You must offer consumers an escape from that pain. In fact, you must tell them directly that your site will help them forget their troubles. During the Great Depression, people flocked to movie theaters to escape the despair of the 1930s.

The ad copy in your PPC ads must define your site as an escape, a fantasy world. Your landing page must, too. This will help you garner more interest from consumers and find lower-priced keywords.