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Client: Bossik Academy of Fine Art

When fine artist Eric Bossik needed a Web presence for his art academy, the Bossik Academy of Fine Art, Glenn designed a landing page with JavaScript rollover tabs.

View the landing page. Click here!

Client: Native Remedies

Health Supplement Offers:, an e-commerce site, wanted five landing pages for a high-volume partnership with AOL. So, Glenn Bossik, founder of High Concept Media, designed the layouts and wrote the ad copy for these pages, which included:

Client: TheUseful

Laptop Affiliate Offer: When TheUseful wanted to promote an offer for laptops, Glenn designed and wrote the ad copy for a tabbed landing page.

View the landing page. Click here!

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Landing Pages That Convert

As all adult webmasters know, it’s a huge challenge to create web pages that generate sales. The website tour is the primary sales tool used by these webmasters for adult subscriber websites, but a landing page can generate much more revenue than a tour.

The landing page can be described as an interactive sales letter that compresses the entire sales process into one web page. This page functions as a mini-website and should contain eleven components to successfully sell a product: product name, photo, description, features, benefits, product tour, how-to-buy tour, security and privacy guarantee, customer testimonials, product reviews, and an e-mail newsletter form.  Read more about landing pages