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How to Use Content for Viral Marketing

On the Net, written content is the key to success for Webmasters. Web surfers regularly look for informative news articles about virtually every type of subject. After all, the Internet is known as the information superhighway.

Blogs are considered a great source of online information. They’re essentially daily diaries written by people who specialize in a specific subject. Interestingly, many blogs allow for community contribution, enabling Web site visitors to post comments on the blogs themselves. These comments expand on the content and create a buzz that is key to viral marketing, which involves influencing other people to spread the word about your Web site.

There are three ways to use content for viral marketing:

1. Syndicate your content.
2. Enable site visitors to email your content.
3. Create content for other Web sites.

Syndication is a method for enabling other Webmasters to feature your news articles on their Web sites. By placing one line of syndication code on your site, it’s possible to use another site’s content effortlessly. When that content is updated, the updates will appear on your site automatically.

There are two popular types of syndication feeds: RSS and JavaScript.

RSS is known as Really Simple Syndication and is created using XML (Extensible Markup Language). After an RSS feed is uploaded to a server, the URL for that feed can be given out to Webmasters. They can then use the URL in conjunction with RSS feed readers to translate it into HTML. The HTML displays news article summaries and article links on their Web sites. Most blogs generate RSS feeds automatically. That’s why blogs are used for viral marketing.

JavaScript feeds are the easiest to use. They consist of one line of code that can be dropped into a Web page to display news article summaries and links to articles. Master Syndication Gateway V2, a software program created by, can help you generate JavaScript feeds

E-mailing Content
There are tell-a-friend scripts that can enable your site visitors to email your news articles to their friends. This is a very powerful form of viral marketing that can generate huge traffic for your site. There are many available software programs that supply this feature.

Writing For Other Web Sites
If you’re an expert in a specific field of study such as Internet marketing, spread the word about your services and Web site by writing Internet marketing articles for other Web sites. Doing so will boost your credibility and generate a lot of business for you.
There are many marketing Web sites that publish content from other Webmasters, and these sites will generally let you include your biography and Web site link at the end of your article.

In conclusion, effective use of viral marketing techniques can drive traffic to your Web site and generate revenue for your business. You can benefit from syndication, tell-a-friend scripts, and writing content for other Web sites.