E-Commerce Ad Copy

Client: Native Remedies Description: NativeRemedies.com, an e-commerce company, wanted to increase sales of its male enhancement remedy. So, Glenn Bossik, founder of High Concept Media, wrote powerful ad copy that... [Read more...]

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The Role of Ad Copy

I think that, these days, there’s a fundamental misunderstanding of the role of ad copy in ads. In the 1960s, the renaissance era of advertising, ad copy was considered essential. It was the source of the sales message, and... [Read more...]

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Copywriting For Affiliate Offers

Quality ad copy should support and enhance the graphics that are being used to promote a product. Text and imagery should work synergistically. For example, while at the affiliate network, The Useful, I was tasked with designing... [Read more...]

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Use the power of search engine optimization (SEO) to reach new customers and reduce your advertising overhead.  SEO is the art and science of optimizing a Website to obtain a large, far-reaching Internet presence. I can weave SEO elements into the design and content of your Website, making it possible for customers to find your site easily and more often. ... [Read more...]

Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Pay-Per-Click Advertising Use pay-per-click advertising to reach people who want your products. It’s a targeted, cost-effective way to acquire new customers.  You only pay for clicks, not impressions. This means that you pay only for interested prospects. As the founder of High Concept Media, I know how to run successful pay-per-click campaigns. I keep ad... [Read more...]

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Search Engine Thesis Paper by Google’s Founders

It’s worthwhile to read The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine, the college thesis paper written by Sergey Brin and Lawrence Page, the founders of Google. Anyone who’s ever been mystified by SEO can learn a lot from Brin and Page’s treatise on the inner... [Read more...]

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Web Design

Web Design Plans and Samples Every business has a goal. Some companies need a Website for selling products; others, for generating leads or publishing news. Choose the Web design plan that matches your business goal. 1.    Landing Page If you need to launch an ad campaign... [Read more...]

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The Web Design Process

Source: Sitepoint.com Today’s post is the first in a series of three where we’ll look at how to get started with creating your web design layout. If you’re new to web design, a blank screen or piece of... [Read more...]

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Learning to Love HTML5

Source: Smashing Magazine It seems that new resources and articles for teaching and promoting HTML5 are popping up almost daily. We’ve been given HTML5 templates in the form of the HTML5 boilerplate and HTML5... [Read more...]

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Plans and Samples Choose the affiliate marketing plan that meets your current needs. 1.    Affiliate Recruiting I recruit affiliates by phone, email, and ad campaigns. Your affiliates can then drive large amounts of quality traffic to your Website, generating... [Read more...]

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The Best Ways to Use Social Media

I like to think of social media as a public relations tool. In that respect, it can be very useful. You can use social networks to disseminate press releases and other company news, as well as to chat with prospective customers about what types of new products they would find... [Read more...]

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Profiting From Affiliate Marketing

In my experience, private CPA deals generate more revenue than large numbers of affiliates. Many affiliates take no action after signing up for a program. Those who do use the affiliate creatives usually generate only a few sales here and there. The fraud rate among affiliates... [Read more...]

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