Copywriting Testimonials

Read what Glenn’s colleagues are saying about his copywriting skills.

Working as a copy/design team with Glenn made new and ongoing projects more enticing. His creative outlook on things and his skillful way of writing always hit the mark making assignments more successful. He always tackled new projects with a fresh eye complementing the visuals any designer would present him with. I found working with Glenn a pleasure. Any team to be working along Glenn would be sure to stand out creatively and respectively.”  January 22, 2009

Eugene Colon, Graphic designer, The Useful
Worked directly with Glenn  at The Useful

“Glenn is a driven and talented individual. Aside from his professional writing ability, Glenn has trained himself in various other media technologies such as Flash and HTML/CSS. Glenn’s work ethic is also second to none, as he arrives early and stays late on a daily basis to get the job done and further develop his talents.” January 14, 2009

Jason Smith, Creative Services Manager, The Useful
Managed Glenn at The Useful

“Glenn is a talented copy writer who was always the first one in and last one out. He is independently motivated, teaching himself new software programs to assist in areas of need. He showed strong leadership skills through a variety of assignments and proved that there was nothing he wasn’t willing to try or learn. Glenn will be a positive addition to any team with his strong work ethic and quirky sense of humor.” January 14, 2009

Rebecca Crane, Graphic Designer, The Useful
Worked directly with Glenn  at The Useful

“Glenn is a dedicated team player who brings to the job a penchant for clever copywriting, an outside-the-box mindset and a consistently upbeat attitude. His depth of knowledge in the ever-changing Internet marketing industry is a huge asset to any company looking to compete online. It wouldn’t be fair to recommend Glenn without mentioning his fabulous personality. But keeping things interesting never got in the way of work. It just made working with him that much more enjoyable.” January 9, 2009

Lesley Marlo, Managing Editor, The Useful
Managed Glenn  at The Useful

“Glenn is a creative, hard working person. Glenn always brought a positive and lively attitude to work. Working with Glenn was a treat and he makes for a great part of any team.” November 26, 2007

Alejandro Diaz, Senior Graphic Artist / GA Manager, The Useful
Worked with Glenn  at The Useful

“Glenn is a fantastic writer, he works hard, he has a great heart and an outstanding sense of humor. If you’re looking for someone who will dedicate himself to a greater vision while helping you reach your goals as a department or company, then Glenn Bossik is your man!” November 8, 2007

Denise Royal, Copy Manager, The Useful
Managed Glenn at TheUseful