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Do you have great products that haven’t reached their true sales potential? Use a complete sales message to turn them into household names. View my e-commerce ad copy

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Are you launching new affiliate offers? Do you need ad copy for landing pages and e-mail creatives? I can write compelling Web copy that will help you generate leads and sales.

I wrote ad copy for the following landing pages:

I wrote ad copy for the following e-mail creatives:

Do you need professional news content for your blog, newspaper, or magazine? I can write timely articles covering the film industry, healthcare, and pets.

I’ve interviewed film industry pros and written about top films. Read a few of my film articles here:

I wrote the following articles for my client, Selective Healthcare, LLC:

I understand how to write health news that consumers can use. Read a few of my health articles here:

People love pets, and they spend a lot of money on them. That’s why I wrote the following articles about dogs:

Turn Words into Wealth

Use professionally-written ad copy to show potential customers that you have what they need. I can provide that ad copy.

How? Well, when creating an ad, I enhance a client’s existing brand message. I shape that message into a pitch that emphasizes the benefits of a product or service.

Better yet, I provide a pitch that contains the client’s voice, not mine. After all, it’s my job to make him or her look good and to generate revenue.

The Writing Process:


The foundation of effective copy is research. That’s why I spend time studying the products that I’m going to promote. Doing so enables me to narrow down the target market and competitors. As a result, I’m able to choose the right product positioning.


Before writing the ad copy, I create a detailed outline. The outline shows that the copy will meet a client’s needs.


When it’s time to write, I produce a compelling pitch that’s exciting and convincing. My ad copy always gets results. How can I make that claim? It’s simple. I have many years of experience.


Glenn Bossik
High Concept Media, LLC

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Copywriting News

The Role of Ad Copy

I think that, these days, there’s a fundamental misunderstanding of the role of ad copy in ads.

In the 1960s, the renaissance era of advertising, ad copy was considered essential. It was the source of the sales message, and ad agencies understood that no products could be sold without that message.

Unfortunately, most of today’s ads contain only a headline and a photo or graphic. There’s practically no sales message.

And, of course, companies are running around and asking people, “Why isn’t anyone buying our products?” The answer is simple: Consumers aren’t being given a reason to buy anything. They aren’t being told how any given product will benefit them and solve their problems.

Note: I originally posted this comment in a LinkedIn group.


E-Commerce Ad Copy

Client: Native Remedies

Description:, an e-commerce company, wanted to increase sales of its male enhancement remedy. So, Glenn Bossik, founder of High Concept Media, wrote powerful ad copy that dramatically increased the conversion rate of the product page. Read the e-commerce ad copy

Copywriting News

Tailor Your Ad Copy to Buy Cycle Stages


A couple of our paid search columnists have offered some great tips on generating ad copy. I’m going to build on this and talk about gearing ad copy to the consumer buy cycle. By targeting specific stages, advertisers can increase relevancy by delivering appropriate messages at the right time in the buy cycle. In this article, I’ll outline the various buy cycle stages and provide some ad examples (fictional) related to “on demand publishing.” Read more about ad copy