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Get Ready for Holographic Video

I’m sure everyone has seen the resurgence of  interest in 3D. Hollywood is pumping out 3D films at a fairly mean clip. Electronics companies are making 3D TVs. And augmented reality applications such as FLARVision and Layar are bringing three-dimensional imagery to the Internet. But you haven’t seen anything yet. Trust me.

The London-based company, Musion Systems Ltd, has solved the age-old puzzle of how to create 3D imagery without the glasses. Their video projection system, the Musion Eyeliner System, turns video footage into holographic footage.

According to Musion, the Eyeliner System uses a DLP video projector, an HD hard-disc player, “Musion Eyeliner Foil + 3D set/drapes enclosing 3 sides,” lighting and audio, and a show controller.

If Musion’s projection system is integrated into home PCs and laptops, the possibilities for Internet marketing companies and Webmasters will be endless. When a Web user hovers a mouse over a banner ad, the projection unit could be triggered, piping holographic promotional imagery into the home of the user. Wow!

Samsung Jet Launch – London, Dubai, Singapore & Beijing from Musion Systems on Vimeo.

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